tipper truck for rent in Dubai
Prince bus rental is an national rental company which gives you services for pickup. Our aim is to establish brand image worldwide, taking advantage of our professional benefits and providing the best services to our customers.
While expanding the global market, it has become our duty to offer integrated solutions with timely and easy service, with rental and supply of equipment to our local customers. We always follow the rule and principle of open and transparent work with our client, customers, staff and partners.
We are here only because of our clients that’s why we give more importance to them rather than money. We spend a lot of time and resources to ensure that our firm is safe for both our clients and partners. Our team works on improving our services daily in order to accomplish communication between our staff and clients is more convenient.
A dump truck or tipper truck is the rear platform of which can be raised at the front end to allow the load to be discharged.
Our services:
• Provides technical solutions for minerals, mineral powder sorting, production and processing projects or upgrading existing projects.
• Tipper trucks are used for transporting different material like gardening and decorating. Heavy bags of soils and large furniture like sofas or mattresses are easily moved by using tipper truck.
• Mainly used on the construction site, dumper trucks are used for the transportation of various loose materials such as sand, earth and gravel.
• Provision of a full contract lifting service from destination to destination.
• We are providing services for erection of billboards, generators and transformers.
• Tipper truck are mid-sized and convenient to take heavy luggage even in the rash traffic areas.
• We provide services form 1 ton pickup to 3 ton pickup for rent in Dubai, our service is available 24/7.
• We provide man or a worker with truck on demand at reasonable rates.