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There is a bundle of issues that leads to a dead car battery. Your car face multiple issues like leaving your headlights on overnight can drain your battery. mostly the Parasitic drain problem that happened with cars, due to when the vehicle’s battery continues to discharge power, even after the engine has been shut down is another reason. Whatever the reason for your battery’s expiration, the consequences are the same. An unexpected dead battery can result change your happy mod into worry you missed appointments, canceled trips, and a whole lot of frustration. You don’t have to worry about a battery jump starter.

At Battery. ae, we provide emergency jump start service to customers located throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi Sharjah UAE. We offer reasonable market prices with no hidden charges, unlike some of our competitors. We operate 24/7, even on public holidays, so you’ll never be left stranded. For more information on our emergency jump start services, visit our online inquiry form or call us on +971 55 971 3897. Best CAR JUMP STARTER SERVICES PROVIDER IN DUBAI



Our Professional Team is fully Equipped with Spare Batteries to get you out of the problem instantly. If your battery is dead, we can come out and jump it for you. All of our drivers carry jumper boxes. It is much safer to use a jump box than hooking up your car’s battery to another car’s battery. We are the UAE car battery specialists and provide a delivery service supplying top brand heavy duty car batteries for all makes and models of cars including petrol and diesel-engined vehicles. We are also able to offer a fitting service in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi areas.

In some cases a battery will have to be replaced. Most car batteries that are working more than two years old are on borrowed time. Once the damage due to water drain or extra chargings, it’s next to impossible to start them up again. Even if the battery is only a year old, a replacement may be necessary if the vehicle’s lights and radio fail to work as usual. The absence of a clicking sound, when you try to start-up the vehicle is the final nail in the coffin and almost always means a replacement is needed.

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