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Having a breakdown cover means help is at hand 24/7 if your vehicle breaks down. Prince Bus Rental Company offers a complete breakdown service – with roadside and home rescue, garage support, and alternative transport too. Our aim to provide great value for money and the very best in customer service. We are proud of our wide range of vehicle breakdown products that can cover up to four people or vehicles within your household under one policy. Breakdown policies can also come with some exclusions, though these will depend on the provider and the level of cover you take out.

Prince Bus Rental Road Assistance – Recovery Services Includes
At Prince, we provide that extra convenience to help drivers when their vehicle breaks down or meets with any unlikely emergency that prevents the driver from using the vehicle. The Prince Roadside Assistance team is ready 24×7 to support you in case of an emergency which includes:

1.Being the Best Car Towing service provider in dubai we offer when auto assistance enables us to make a vehicle drivable again or able to be driven safely. PBR team will tow your vehicle to the nearest PBR Service Center to rectify the error


2. Battery jump starter services in Dubai we offered when the car fails to crank on its own and needs to start by jump-starting the battery unless otherwise advised by the manufacturer. Prince recommends the best solution for anyone driving an electric car to check the owner’s manual. Electric cars operate differently from gas-powered or hybrid vehicles and have fewer qualified service professionals than most vehicles on the road. Generally, hybrid vehicles use the battery which powers the electric motor to turn over the petrol engine, making it unlikely they would ever require a jump-start


3. Flat tire is a common problem that can happen at any point in time. PBR car roadside assistance is there to help. We are away just from a one phone call. Once you report your location our team will arrive at the spot and replace the flat tire with the spare inside your vehicle. You could bring your car to PBR later for a tire change.

4. Fuel delivery service in Dubai we provided to drivers who run out of petrol while driving. PBR service professionals will come to your location with enough fuel to get the vehicle to the nearest fuel station.To get in touch with our Team please call +971 55 971 3897 24 x 7

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