3-ton pickup bus in Dubai
Our company has been established to provide reliable value-added support serving specialized construction jobs and allied industry in Dubai and beyond
We provide a 3-ton pickup truck for rent in Dubai and mini truck for rent with driver.
We understand that everyone’s rental needs are different. That’s why we have a large range of products and services for you to choose from.
Although pickup trucks are in the mid-size truck, they are more efficient than your typical sized car, as opposed to a smaller sized car, a pick-up truck is larger for carrying heavy luggage. Pick-up trucks are easy to use where the roads are less convenient to use when traveling.
3-ton pickup bus in Dubai Services:
• We provide services at a reasonable price.
• Our services are reliable, efficient, compact & silent.
• We provide services for the transfer of building material for construction companies. Like sand, cement, etc.
• Used for household shifting furniture in all over Dubai.
• We provide man with a van for house or office moving and relocating at reasonable rates.
• Used for industry and domestic purposes.
• Also used for delivery of online and bulk good purchases
• We provide form 1 ton pickup to 3ton pickup for rent in Dubai, our service is available 24/7- service.
• Van Services Dubai are used to move furniture, goods, material and other heavy items
• Drivers are well aware of all the routes.
• For delivery of material, loading and for offloading of logistic things.
• Provision of a full contract lifting service from destination to destination.
• Timely delivery of consignment and cargo transportation services.
• We are providing services for the erection of billboards, generators, and transformers.
• We provide pickup for rent daily, weekly, monthly with the driver.
• We provide man or a worker with van on-demand in Dubai with reasonable rates.
• We also offer recovery of vans.